How to be a Breaker

How to be a SKYCITY Breaker

The SKYCITY Breakers have a motto for fans, it goes like this:

Be the best 6th man!

This means make a difference, help the boys push through the tough moments, make sure they stay focused in the big games and concentrate even with a healthy lead. Being a SKYCITY Breakers fan means taking part in the game, making plenty of noise and contributing to each and every play.

Here are some ways you can do that during the upcoming season:

Team Entry

You have to be at the North Shore Events Centre and Vector Arena early. If tip-off is 7.30, be in your seat at least half an hour early to experience one of the great moments in sport – the entry of the SKYCITY Breakers to the stadium. We want you to clap your hands and stamp your feet as the lights go out, join in the call of ‘Here Come The Breakerrrrrrrrrrrrs!’ and then welcome the players as they are introduced into the spotlight! Finally join the players in the slow clapping, building to a crescendo as the players come together in a huddle centre court.

Free Throws

When a SKYCITY Breaker is on the free throw line, put both hands straight up in the air. As the ball heads to the basket and drops for another Breakers point, bring your hands down with the ball to signal the basket.

When an opposing player is on the line however, fans in that end zone get your arms up and wave from side to side – work together on this now as you ‘wave off’ the basket!!

Defence! Defence! Defence!

The most common catch cry at any basketball game but SKYCITY Breakers fans are the loudest and don’t discriminate from the opening plays to the final seconds. Listen for the drum line with 3 quick beats of the bass drum and let us hear you shouting ‘DEFENCE’

Can You Feel It!

A tradition at the SKYCITY Breakers as we welcome the boys back into the second half. Everyone stand up, clap your hands to be beat and sing along, let the opposition feel the pressure and our boys feel your support! Don’t sit down until the music stops!!

Design a Banner

Tell us who your favourite player is and hold it up high and proud during key moments in the game. The brighter, bolder and funnier the better!

Wear the Gear!

Get the latest and greatest SKYCITY merchandise for all home games (and away ones too!). Wear the singlets, shirts, caps and sweatshirts with pride and be in to win great prizes.


But most of all, when you come along to a SKYCITY Breakers game, make plenty of noise, have fun and get involved. This club is all about family and as a fan, you are very much a part of it, get your game tickets today HERE.