Club News / February 9th, 2017

Breakers With Blinkers on This Week

The SKYCITY Breakers could care less about the ‘formula’ for making the playoffs, there is only one game, one result and one performance they are concerned with, and that is their final regular season home game against Melbourne at the NSEC this Friday night.


While the media will calculate, compute and crystal ball gaze, the Breakers know that there is only one way they can continue their season beyond Friday night, and that is a non-negotiable, don’t care how it comes, roll your sleeves up, win at what looks set to be a sold out NSEC, with just 90 tickets left for sale at the time of this story going live.


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SKYCITY Breakers Head Coach Paul Henare has never been one for looking at the league ladder and he is not about to start now.


“We need a win. It’s pointless worrying about the outcome of any other games, we can’t control it so why worry about it, we can make some plans around next week but there is nothing we can do about the outcome of any other game other than our own.


“Right now we need to stay focused on Friday and anything outside of that will blur what our main priorities are right now which are doing what we can to play good basketball and get a result against Melbourne.”


Henare said the departure of Akil Mitchell earlier this week has given the team time to focus on the same rotations that defeated Adelaide on the weekend.


“Now we know what is happening with Akil we can go in knowing what our line up and rotations are, we saw Rob and Chief play together in Adelaide, Finn will get some more time, it gives us time to prep.”


So tight is the race for the top-four that only Brisbane are officially out of the running heading into the final weekend. And with Adelaide having secured the Minor Premiership, that leaves six trying to squeeze into three, and something or someone has to give.


The Breakers simply must defeat one of those contenders in Melbourne United on Friday and in the process of boosting their own prospects, at the same time hurt those of Melbourne. A win would also secure a series win against Melbourne, meaning should the two be tied together on the ladder, the Breakers would hold the advantage.


Of the others around them on the ladder, the Breakers hold the series win over Perth, which would again work in their favour should the two end the season tied on wins.


If three or more teams are tied, then the same win/loss ratio is applied across all teams that are tied, in effect creating a ‘mini-ladder’ between those teams only. If a tie remains, the difference between total points scored for and against each team that are tied will apply to find a ranking order.


Got a headache yet?


That is why coach Henare’s approach is the best one, get in behind the team on Friday night, make as much noise as you can at the NSEC and help get the DUB, that ultimately is the only equation that Breaker Nation needs to worry about.


Here are the tiebreaker rulings, direct from the NBL:

Final rankings at the end of the Regular Season:

  1. Positions on the ladder will be determined by the ratio of games won over games played.
  2. Should two or more teams be tied on game winning percentage at the conclusion of the home and away fixture, final rankings shall be determined by the win/loss ratio in only those games played between the tied teams. 
  3. Should there still remain a tie; rankings shall be determined by the difference between the total points scored for and against each team in only those games played between the tied teams.
  4. If teams still remain tied, rankings shall be determined by the points for over the points against percentages for the entire season.