Club News / February 28th, 2017

Injured Imports on the Improve

The Season might be over but for some the rehab continues as various players look to overcome injuries picked up in the just completed campaign, and our American imports are top of that list so we thought it timely to update Breaker Nation as to their progress.


Ben Woodside was the first-choice point guard for the club at the start of the season, but as we know the likeable American ruptured his planta fascia in the win in Melbourne at around the halfway point in the season, literally pushing himself to the limit to get the boys a much-needed win.


After initially rehabbing here in New Zealand with a hope of returning to the court in a Breakers singlet, Woodside headed back home and reports of good progress with the injury.


“Things are going well, recovery has been going great and the foot feels pretty good,” said Woodside.


“I have been running for quite some time now, it has been a case of increasing my training load and speed – which causes my foot to be a bit sore, but that’s to be expected.  It’s wonderful being able to wake up in the morning and walk normally without any pain!  I haven’t been able to do that in a while. Otherwise all is well and life is good.”


Woodside was followed into the Breakers by David Stockton, but given Shea Ili missed the first third of the season with a stress fracture and then Woodside ended his campaign early, it appeared that point guards were not going to have an easy time of it this season.


After one impressive debut game, Stockton struggled with a back injury and he too headed for home, where he has since returned to full fitness and it has been reported that he will soon suit up in the D-League for the Reno Bighorns.


Finally, and perhaps most infamously, Akil Mitchell continues to make good progress after the eye injury suffered against Cairns late in the season. A night that took a turn for the worse in front of a sold out North Shore Events Centre saw initial fears quickly allayed with a good medical report from Auckland Hospital. Mitchell returned home to seek further specialist advice but like Woodside, has good news to report.


“I am doing very well, I just had what I hope will be my last follow up appointment earlier in the week and received more good news.  Although there is still a decent sized laceration on the eye, it looks to be healing nicely.


“I’m scheduled to return to the D-league and play for the Long Island Nets, the Brooklyn Nets affiliate team, in the next few days.  I’m expecting to be back on the court practicing with my new team any day now and can’t wait.”


Breaker Nation certainly wishes all three the best of luck in whatever challenges lie ahead for them all.